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Job Description
The Plantation Assistant Manager will be responsible for the following activities:

  1. Together with the Plantation and Sustainability Lead, directly manage the entire spectrum of the plantation development, operations and administrative work.
  2. Supervision of the plantation development and management of different planting intensities from low intensity to high intensity.
  3. Responsible for all crop performance which includes and are not limited to vanilla, bananas, shade trees and other crops. Developing and implementing SOPs, particularly in respect of GAPs and sanitary practices for disease control, for all crops and cultivation intensity levels.
  4. Lead the set up and running of the irrigation systems for all crops and to include fertigation and mist irrigation in intensive production areas.
  5. Developing and managing each team on the plantation towards achieving the objectives of each team and the company as a whole.
  6. Recruitment, training and supervision of all field staff, especially with regards to planting, GAP implementation, pollination, harvesting, sanitation, health & safety, and conflict/dispute resolutions.
  7. Meeting and following all relevant national laws and local bylaws, including labor laws, OSHA, fire safety requirements, etc.
  8. Controlling all the activities of the nursery, from sourcing and propagation of healthy plant material to preparation of deliveries.
  9. Coordination of the demonstration plots for trainings and trials.
  10. Regular scouting of the farm for pest and diseases, GAP management,  and assisting in developing and carrying out corrective measures (e.g., a pest management programme).
  11. Developing and implementing rigorous sanitation controls to prevent the spread of pest and disease around the plantation.
  12. Responsible for procurement, stock control and retirement of materials for the plantation operations.
  13. Responsible for upholding compliance with all company finance and HR policies, and instituting and monitoring internal controls throughout the plantation operations.
  14. Documentation and reporting on all work done and monitoring key operational and quality controls.
  15. Organising and carrying out trainings to third parties including but not limited to NEI agronomists, government agriculture officers and farmers.
  16. Assistance in guiding 3rd-party commercial plantations on the production of vanilla and occasional visits to monitor these plantations.
  17. Other
  • Conduct any other activities as may be required to ensure NEI’s success.
  • Furthering the company mission: to become a leading African manufacturer of premium natural flavour products for the home baking, commercial kitchen and specialty foods markets, while providing sustainable, increased income for smallholder farmers;
  • Adhering to and instituting the company values of Professionalism, Ambition and Teamwork;
  • Any other duties as may be required from time to time by the Plantation and Sustainability Lead, COO, Managing Director or Board Director(s), and to assist peers and other team leads/office
would like to apply for this role, please contact us at, including your CV and a brief cover letter.  The deadline for applying is 25th May 2019.

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