NAFASI YA KAZI- Living Soul Foundation, Female Social Worker – Program Manager

Female Social Worker 

Job Description
Living Soul Foundation Female Social Worker- Program Manager-Kigoma

Position Description:
Living Soul Foundation (LSF) is a non-profit organization providing shelter for young mothers in distress; to educate, equip and encourage new life as they return to their communities transformed to lead and positively impact the next generation. LSF is an Open School and Learning center in Kigoma Urban region for young girls ranging in age from 10-17 years old for a live-in program of two years. LSF provides health education, trauma and spiritual counseling, pre-natal care, health care, vocational training, and life skills to the girls within the center with the aim to reintegrate into society. The young girls live in a safe and secure shelter that ensures an environment in which they can thrive in and begin to raise their children in. Prepar
atory assistance through vocational or traditional education is one of the main focuses of LSF so that the young mothers can be self-sustaining once they exit the shelter. An additional focus of LSF is directly impacting on the local community through partnerships with the private and public secondary schools to focus on family health and issues that have been identified and selected by local leaders as important. Example reducing Gender Based Violence, Child Protections, Human Rights and Child-Early Marriage.

Job Title: Volunteer Social Worker Program Manager – with aim to become permanent
Duty Station: Kigoma Urban

Overview of the Job:
The responsibility of the Female Social Worker Program Manager-Kigoma is to assist and coordinate all programs and services offered at the Living Soul Foundation Shelter. This is a full-time position, Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm with the need for flexibility to meet program needs. There are four major areas of responsibility: 1.) Resident Supervision, 2.) Staff Supervision 3.) Community outreach/networking and 4.) Operations and administration 5.) Superior skill in Counseling regarding social issues such as: GBV, Child Marriage, Abuse and trauma. The selected applicant must have knowledge in the needs of distressed adolescents and have an understanding of the intervention strategies available to address these needs including an understanding of child and youth development, the impact of trauma, knowledge of group dynamics, basic counseling skills and an ability to implement appropriate interventions. She must promote a sense of shared ownership and a positive, collaborative work environment and will directly report to the LSF Global Executive Directors and Kigoma Assistant Director. She must have knowledge of resources available in the Kigoma region in order to identify and address community leaders for the implementation of educational seminars.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
In collaboration, design, review, implement the programs at the shelter
Assist Day to day program management: grounds, staff needs, resident needs, etc.
Manage the client in-take and screening processes.
Assist in ensuring all programs are in compliance with local and federal guidelines and laws
Network with partner agencies. Manage relationships with partners and the community. Represent the agency at community events, meetings.
Responsible for connecting and identifying community leaders to coordinate seminars for community education
Participate in the creation of budget and operate programs within budget limits.
Manage program staff at Shelter, including training, coaching, supervising and evaluating staff.
Responsible for scheduling LSF global guests stay and agenda
Assess and supervise case management plan process.
Assist staff in resolving client conflicts.
Available for on call questions and crisis situations

Qualifications and Experience Required:
Suitable candidate should have at least Diploma in Social Work, Psychology or related field:
3-5 years of experience in Social Work and program management and staff management
Report Writing and Donor Communication Writing Newsletters
Proven financial responsibility
Previous experience working with partners and partner building
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Excellent time management skills
Ability to work in a team atmosphere with other managers
Strong ability to effectively resolve immediate conflicts and crises
Proficient in computer skills (Microsoft Excel and Word)
Must be proficient in both English and Swahili
Strong inter-cultural skills

How to Apply?
Please manually apply for this job using the details below:
Application Instructions:

  • Please include previous employers, CV contact information, proof of degree, and three personal references.
  • Applications in English must be sent through email to
  • Closing date for applications is June 15th, 201
  •  Please send us your application only if you meet the mandatory qualifications as mentioned above.

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