NAFASI YA KAZI-Vodacom, M-Commerce CVM Manager

M-Commerce CVM Manager


Create M-Pesa customer base management strategy for M-Pesa Ltd and delivery thereof through various customer value management activities and initiatives. Analyse customer behaviour and create, execute and monitor direct marketing campaigns that will maximise the customer’s lifetime value through increasing their engagement and growing their revenues/margins.

The primary responsibilities of the role are therefore to manage Campaign configuration, execution and monitoring
Ensuring CVM campaigns drive the base management KPIs(Incremental revenue, Engagement(Cross sell/Up sell), Inactivity management
Create Campaign Business Case and ensure ROI on the campaigns.


  • Strategy:Analyze customer data for insights to Implement and execute a customer value management strategy to maximise customer lifetime value and the contribution of the customer base to overall services revenue
  •  Lead the business transformation to embed CVM and data driven decision-making principles and culture across the organization.
  • Commercial delivery: Support the implementation of all CVM campaigns e.g. upsell M-Pesa customers to transact more, cross-sell M-Pesa into the voice(GSM) base, inactivity and churn management campaigns, real-time contextual trigger campaigns

CVM operations activities:

  • Responsible for Customer insight analysis
  • Responsible for end to campaign management in terms of operations & execution
  • Creation & execution of campaigns within the agreed timelines
  • Collaborate with product owners and other stakeholders for gathering requirements and translating them into campaigns after doing a feasibility check and preparation of business requirement specification(BRS)
  • Campaign configuration, User Acceptance Testing(UAT), business rules validation, prioritization, launch & post launch monitoring
  • Collaborate closely with internal and external(vendors) support teams to ensure campaigns are running as expected as well as facilitating fixing any technical issues affecting ongoing campaigns within agreed SLAs

Reporting: Support the availability of data for reporting of CVM campaigns and initiatives performance

Create/maintain all campaign related documentation (Briefs, Change logs, Business Cases, UAT documents, BRS

Maintain processes, templates, and other documents that support best practices

Do regular review of campaign platform, capabilities, integrations and channels with technical/business teams to give recommendation on future enhancements and improvements to support business needs


Implement and manage a holistic blueprint for campaign management & fulfilment by scoping out the data-mart layer all the way to the fulfilment layer.

Integrate output through campaign management, charging and fulfilment platforms, by translating CVM objectives to IT / Technical teams


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