NAFASI YA KAZI-Ubongo, Education Manager

ducation Manager  

We’re looking for an educationalist, passionate about research and learning to maximize the educational quality of Ubongo content. You’ll work closely with all Ubongoers to innovate and create the most effective quality content for kids across Africa .

Some of your tasks will include:

  • Work within Ubongo’s production team to ensure educational quality of content created. You will check-in at all stages of production, from story development and script writing, through to animation and final editing– bringing in assistance from our network of teachers and specialists as needed.
  • Work closely with Ubongo’s executive team to refine long-term education strategy for the company. You will help us keep up to date with the latest research and thinking in educational media and technology, and work with us closely to ensure our overall company strategy points toward long term educational impact for kids in Africa.
  • Lead research team in prototyping of new educational content and products, and testing this content with users.
  • Lead research team in developing or adapting assessments, and coordinate in-house testing of our products with children in Tanzania. Coordinate with partners in other countries to conduct testing with children in Rwanda, Kenya and elsewhere.
  • Collaborate with research partners on study design and analysis of educational impact assessments.
  • Curriculum development for shows and alignment to various countries curricula
  • Pedagogical methods and documentation of pedagogy
  • Keeping up with the latest research and best practices in education, cognitive neuroscience and developmental science, incorporating new advances into our approach
  • Continuously find innovative and simple ways to make education and research processes more efficient and fun


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