NAFASI YA KAZI -ActionAid Tanzania (AATZ), Consultant

Introduction of ActionAid Tanzania (AATZ) is a development organisation that is committed for social justice, gender equality and ending poverty. It started development programs in the country in 1998 asa cross-border initiative by Action Aid Kenya and later transformed into full-fledged Country Program me in 2000. Since then, it has rolled out three Country Strategy Papers and currently implementing the fourth strategic paper, making contribution to the development of the country.

It is an Associate member of the ActionAid International (AAI) Federation which is a global justice organization working to achieve social justice, gender equality and eradication of poverty. In terms of governance, AATZ has a National Board and General Assembly. AATZ has development.

The scope and objectives of the assignment ActionAid Tanzania is planning to develop Policy briefs based on the recommendations of the report findings. The scope of the report will include the following:

  • Read and synthesise the report
  • Reviewing and paraphrasing of the report
  • Developing the policy briefs (including the use of info graphics and pictures as agreed between AATZ and the Consultant)
  • Targeting the policy briefs for different stakeholder consumption
  • The policy briefs should being both English and Swahili

Qualifications of the consultants

  • Must have at least an Advanced Diploma, Degree or above qualification in economics, community economics, community development and related fields
  • Experience in research work and dissemination of research findings with similar assignments or related work
  • Knowledge in using infographics and pictures to enhance understanding
  • Evidence of assignment from similar or related work
  • Should be able to demonstrate competency and experience of more than 3 years in the field of interest

Application process
Interested consultant/s can apply for the assignment submitting the following documents:
Expression of interest to take up the assignment

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Evidence of valid tax payer’s identification certificate
  • Consultancy certificate/licence to run the services.
  • Testimony of experience in similar works
  • Technical and Financial proposal capacity

Job application procedure
Deadline for submission; The deadline for submission is 25th August, 2019.
Applicants should submit their documents through the following address Olympia Venance ActionAid Tanzania, P.O. Box 21496, Dar es salaam E-mail;
Note: you are strongly advised to visit ActionAid website for full terms of reference which can be found in the website at;

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