Nafasi za kazi- Pyxus International, Smallholder Farmers Manager

Smallholder Farmers Manager  


Pyxus International, of which Pyxus Agriculture Tanzania Limited is a subsidiary, is a global agricultural company united behind a common purpose – to transform people’s lives so that together we can grow a better world. With 145 years’ experience delivering value-added products and services to businesses and customers, we are a trusted provider of responsibly-sourced, independently-verified, sustainable and traceable products and ingredients.

Pyxus Agriculture Tanzania Limited has acquired an Edible Oil mill and Refinery in Dodoma as part of its diversification strategy and is now recruiting for key positions for this venture. The successful applicant in this role will be sitting in the engine of growth as we shape our future together.

Job Summary:

Organization and coordination of sustainable Sunflower Smallholder farming in line with Pyxus Agriculture Tanzania Limited short and long term Plans.

What the job will do:

To organize, coordinate, manage and develop sustainable Sunflower Smallholder farming in compliance with Pyxus Agriculture Tanzania Limited short and long term Plans.


Contributes to the development of Smallholder Farmers annual operational plan, reviews the overall requirements for inputs and distribution, time frames and technology, and monitors the agreed operational strategic approach throughout the year in line with the Annual Operating Plan for Agronomy Department


Organizes Contracts with Smallholder farmers, negotiates with commercial bank officials to obtain credit for Primary societies/association/growers groups, Monitors the quality and yield of the Sunflower crop production, and Prepare standard Sunflower growing progress reports
Provide Agronomy support and advice to the Smallholder Farmer Management Team and contracted Smallholder farmers


Oversees, monitors, evaluates and reviews the overall Logistics requirements concerning transporters, rates, warehousing, inputs and cost saving initiatives


Oversees the human resources for Smallholder farmers to ensure the achievement of goals and objectives in line with Pyxus HR SOP’s


Degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness or Agronomy from a recognized Tertiary Institute or equivalent Essential


Sunflower growing and production 4 to 6 years Essential Substantial experience with crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds with experience in Sunflower seed production

Strong domain experience and background in farming and agricultural production

Settling farmer complaints for seed, fertilizer or chemical inputs

Farmer focused and a commitment to farmer satisfaction.

Knowledge Areas

Strong agronomic understanding of Sunflower seed production Essential

Knowledge of the trends, practices, and characteristics of farmers, specifically in Sunflower Essential Computer literacy

Substantial knowledge with crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds Essential Usage and Management of Agronomic data Essential Agronomy and agronomic processes Essential Grower and farm operations Essential


Ability to analyse, solve related problems and make accurate decisions Essential

Very strong communication and interpersonal skills with a heightened sensitivity to the issues that farmers face.


Strong planning, prioritization and organizational skills in addition to being highly motivated with a strong work ethic and positive attitude

Excellent communicator, trainer and teacher with exceptional public speaking and technical writing skills.

The Human Resources Director
Pyxus Agriculture Tanzania Limited
P.O. Box 1595 Kingolwira, Morogoro, Tanzania

NB: All applications should be sent to the HRD’s office.


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