NAFASI 7 ZA KAZI- Lindi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (LUWASA)

Lindi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (LUWASA) is autonomous Water Supply Institution mandated to provide water supply and Sanitation services within Lindi Municipality. It was established m January 1998 under Section 3(1) of act NO 8 of 1997 and repealed by Act No 12 of 2009.
To adequately fulfill its obligations is now inviting applications from suitably qualified and self-motivated Tanzanian of high personal integrity to apply for the following positions below:

Title of the Position: Accountant II ( 1 Post)
Scope of the position and expected output: Adherence to established financial procedures.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all payments by preparing payment vouchers, cheques and cheque lists.
  • Ensuring that all payments are:
  • Made with full compliance of the Financial Regulations of the Authority
  • Supervises the cashier and ensure that:
  • Petty’ cash records are properly maintained.
  • Cancelled cheques records is maintained.
  • A Cash payments made are authentic,
  • VAT returns are made promptly and accurately,
  • Check cashers daily and carry out daily cash count
  • Keeping proper safe custody of all documents, vouchers and stamps.
  • Monitoring Bank balances to ensure that sufficient funds are available for scheduled payments.
  • Checking all Ledgers accounts periodically/Monthly and reports any abnormalities for rectification.
  • Maintaining cheques register and Bank payment instruction letters.
  • Preparing on time monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for the Authority.
  • Preparing statutory’ tax returns and submitting the same as provided by law.
  • Making sure that the books of accounts are audited by external auditors within the required legal period and presented to the Board of Directors
  • Proper valuation of closing stock and fixed assets at the end of the financial year,
  • Ensuring compliance to the Tanzania Financial Accounting Standards (TFAS)Tntemational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the Finance Manager.

Qualifications & Experience: 

  • Graduate m Accountancy from a recognised institution and a CPA (T) or its equivalent qualification. At least three (3) years of practical experience as an accountant in a reputable organisation. Registered with NBAA in the category’ of Authorised Accountant. Knowledge of financial regulations m public organisations.

Title of the Position: Internal Auditor II (01 Post)

Scope of the position and expected output: Oversees Procedures and Regulations Governing the Management of Financial Resources in the Authority.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Detection and prevention of errors, fraud and waste.
  • Ensuring that LUWASA activities are done in accordance to the Waterworks Ordinance Act No. 8 of 1997 and its By-Laws,
  • Participating in the investigative financial and performance audits
  • Ensuring that the Authority’s financial regulations, financial accounting system, procurement regulations and staff regulations are being complied.
  • Ensuring that fixed assets and stocks are properly safeguarded, verified and accounted for.
  • Making recommendations for the amendment or review of the financial accounting system, financial regulations, procurement regulations and staff regulations
  • Advising the Authority’ on compliance with implementations of the Authority’s Strategic plan.
  • Performing any other duties relevant to the scope of works as may be assigned by the Authority’.

Qualifications & Experience:
Graduate in Accountancy from recognised Institution and a CPA (T) or equivalent qualification He/she must be registered with NBAA in the category of “authorize Auditor’. Clear understanding of procedures and regulations governing the management of financial resources m public organisation with at least three (3) years proven experience as senior auditor in a reputable organisation.

Title of the Position: Procurement Officer II (1 Post)

Scope of the position and expected output: Ensure Efficient procurement and issuance of right materials of right quality at the right tune to the Authority’.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Identifying materials requirement of the Authority’ and making timely procurement at minimum costs and with due regard to user specifications.
  • Recommending to the heads of the department, standards and procedures for the acquisition, storage and issue of all materials and services required for the proper operations and maintenance of the urban water supply and sewerage systems.
  • Compliance with the authority’s tendering and ordering procedures for materials and services.
  • Establishing, evaluating and maintaining reliable primaiy and secondary sources of material supply to ensure continuity’ of the Authority’s operations.
  • Close follow up of suppliers to ensure timely deliveries of purchased materials and take appropriate corrective action on any delayed items.
  •  Review with the departmental and sectional heads then procurement requirements and ensure that materials and service required by them are obtained at minimum costs.
  • Monitoring all available information sources on market trend that may have an effect on prices or lead times and makes recommendations for action to the management team.
  • Keeping informed of new materials and shipment techniques and communicate these to the user departments/sections
  • Co-ordinate with departmental and sectional heads for the salvage of usable materials and the disposal of obsolete and non-salvageable items.
  • Preparing purchase tender documents and inviting tenders from potential suppliers, process and inform successful tender and ensure that the goods are delivered received promptly and m accordance with the terms of purchase.
  • Purchasing required materials and supplies in economic order batches from reliable suppliers, at best possible purchases terms.
  • Constantly reviews for approval procurement policy and procedures with view towards improving efficiency.
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the Managing Director

Qualifications & Experience: 
Graduate m Degree or Advance Diploma m Procurement and Material Management, procurement and logistics management and should be registered by TPSTB. and be able to interact with superiors, peer and subordinates. At least three (3) years working experience as a procurement officer m a reputable organization.

Title of the Position: Water Artisan II (03 Posts)

Scope of the position and expected output: Carryout Repair and maintenance of LUWASA Water Supply Network.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that new customer get water connection as scheduled.
  • Monitoring and reporting unauthorised water connection.
  • Rehabilitation of water supply structures and building.
  • Repairing all water leakage assignments.
  • Construction of water supply structures and buildings.
  • Reporting uncounted water loss and recommend necessary’ rectification.
  • Connecting new water customers as scheduled.
  • Reporting on unauthorised water connection.
  • Carrying out water disconnections and reconnections timely.
  • Reconnecting water debtors as assigned in a timely.
  • Keeping proper record of water connectioa’reconnectioa’disconnection carried out.
  • Reporting of water pipes bursts.
  • Reporting of water distribution system being contaminated by customer service lines
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the Network Supervisor

Qualifications & Experience:
Holder of Secondary School certificates /Advance Secondary’ certificates who has attained Level III certificate in Plumbing from a recognized institution. At least three (3) years working experience in the operation and maintenance of water distribution system Network. Knowledge of painting is an added Advantage

Title of the Position: Water Quality Technician II (1 Post)

Scope of the position and expected output: Facilitation of Water quality’ analysis and treatment.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out water sample test every day m order to establish the types and quantities of chemicals required for water treatment.
  • Ensuring that the right volume of clean water is distributed.
  • Writing reports on water analysis encountered problems of water flow, electricity and chemicals and how the problems were solved.
  • Proper analysis of all types of chemicals, which are required for water treatment and recommending their purchase and quantity for storage.
  • Making analysis of the purchased chemicals for suitability’ of water treatment.
  • Ensuring that the right dose of chlorine is administered in water sumps.
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by Water Production Engineer.

Qualifications & Experience: 
FTC Diploma in Water Laboratory’ from recognised Technical College. At least three (3) years working experience m Water Treatment Plant

Job application procedure
A handwritten signed application letter attached with an updated curriculum vitae, for applicant employed in public service should route their applications through then respective employers, only qualified shortlisted candidates will be informed for interview.

Your application letter with Job title indicated on the envelope should reach the undersigned by 15th September 2019 before 16.30 pm

All applications should be directed to:

The Managing Director 
Lindi Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority,
P.O.Box 175 LINDI

“Women are highly encouraged to apply”

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