NAFASI ZA KAZI-National Investments Plc, Independent Non-Executive Director

Position: Independent Non-Executive Director

The Board of National Investments Plc invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to serve as Board Member in the capacity of INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determine NICOL’s visions, mission, objectives and values and evaluate its strategy to ensure NICOL survives and thrives as an on-going concern..
  • Develop, promote and monitor the implementation of NICOL strategic objectives, plans and structures.
  •  Ensure compliance with good corporate governance practices.
  •  Participate in the appointment of NICOL Executives, reviewing and evaluating their performance and giving administrative guidance.
  • Keep abreast of NICOL matters, regularly attend Board and other meetings and actively participate effectively and with commitment in annual evaluation and planning activities as well as Board assignments.
  • Assess the performance of the Board as a whole and that of individual Directors and Board Chairman.
  • Build a collegial working relationship with other members of the Board.


  •  Bea graduate of a recognized university, preferably finance/investment bias.
  • Possess personal qualities to make substantial contribution to Board deliberations.
  • Have relevant experience in good corporate governance practices
  • Have at least 5 years experience in a Board of a major company.
  • Have high moral and ethical character unblemished by any criminal record or history of bankruptcy.

Job application procedure
All applications should be marked “INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR” on top of an envelope and submitted to NICOL by post or courier (EMS, CUM, DHL; etc.) to the following address:

Chief Executive Officer 
National Investments Plc. 
11 Serengeti Road Mikocheni “B” 
P.O. Box 7465 Dar es Salaam.

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