NAFASI ZA KAZI- Zanlink Company

Zanlink is the leading ISP in Zanzibar providing high speed broadband and various other connectivity and digital solutions. Since its inception, we have been on the forefront of providing reliable, efficient and unmatched customer experience through a focused and dedicated approach and has attained a high level of customer confidence. This has propelled Zanlink to position itself as the “true customer centric organization”.
We understand what it takes to deliver a world class mission critical service to our clients and we possess a wealth of Industry knowledge and technical expertise backed by several years of experience to provide bespoke, intelligent solutions for every client with an Industry standard SLA. Zanlink provides its services to various market segment, helping them to harness the power of the Internet. Over the years, through our organic growth and partnerships, we have managed to build the largest customer base with over 65% market shares.


  • Collaborate with and coordinate diverse teams (sales, marketing and customer relations)
  • Develop and implement commercial strategies in line with the company goals and objectives aiming to accelerate growth.
  • Conduct market research and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial opportunities (expansion, business development etc.)
  • Understand the requirements of existing customers to ensure their needs are being met
  • Increase Company‚Äôs brand visibility and Image through conducting various activities ranging from CSR, Social media marketing, and traditional marketing channels.
  • Act to acquire new customers and manage client relationships (new and existing)
  • Manage and reduce clients churn by deploying various retention strategies
  • Build and maintain profitable partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Monitor performance of commercial activities using key metrics and prepare reports for senior management
  • Assist in setting financial targets for the commercial activities, budget development and monitoring

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