Job Opportunity at Afritrack Tanzania

Position: Customer Service Manager – Tanzania
Afritrack seeks to recruit the above mentioned position. The character of the individual must be someone with a can-do positive outlook, have an appreciation for detail and analytics and must be someone who is methodic, thorough and articulate.

Overall Responsibility:
To manage all aspects related to ensuring customers satisfaction is maintained at the highest levels. This pertains to service delivery, customer support, customer relationship and managing new installations and project implementation. You will be supported by a Customer

Relationship Executive as well as an Online Experience Executive.
Detailed Responsibilities:

  • To establish a close and intimate relationship with all customers.
  • To oversee and coordinate with other departments to ensure that all support issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner.
  • To oversee and coordinate with other departments to ensure that new installations are well planned, well delivered with a smooth handover for operational team to customer service department.
  • To manage customer feedback to ensure we deliver a service that is relevant, responsive and innovative. This is in line with Afritrack being a partner rather than a vendor. This also includes conducting a KYC survey as well as periodic feedback surveys.
  • To actively advice and inform the company on customer’s needs, pain areas and desires with regards to service improvement and development of new services.
  • To oversee that we meet critical KPIs pertaining to customer service.
  • To directly assist the service delivery as and when needed in order to meet above.
  • To provide the management with relevant and insightful reports and business intelligence that are aimed at improving efficiency and form a basis of informed decision making.
  • To prepare relevant reports for each function.
  • To discuss and engage with the management of strategic ways forward for the company.
  • Any other tasks that are delegated by the GM, MD or members of the board.


  • The candidate should have at least 3 years of relevant experience in a senior position pertaining to customer relationship and/or customer service
  • The candidate should be IT savvy and be very confident on using desktop and online tools and applications.

The Candidate:
1. Must be a ‘people person’ with ability to earn a customer’s confidence and trust
2. Able to work with minimal supervision and high sense of responsibility
3. Must be methodic, thorough and well planned
4. Personal integrity and supreme, mature sense of confidentiality are an absolute requirement
5. Must be energetic, have a positive outlook and be very creative
6. Must be resourceful and innovative in overcoming challenges, a problem solver

About us 
Afritrack is the trade name of Laiki Technology Ltd., which itself was registered in 2006. Afritrack specializes on being an Internet of Things (IoT) provider. In essence, it started as a vehicle tracking company and has evolved to ‘track everything’. It works with vendors to integrate various components to deliver a finished product. The front end is a web-based software application through which customers can log-in and track their assets. Afritrack has specialized in serving the higher end companies who can use the power of Business Intelligence to increase efficiencies and lowering costs and leakages. Against that objective, Afritrack is continuously investing into R&D and product improvement so as to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers. Afritrack is growing rapidly vertically, as it expands its service offerings as well as horizontally, as it enlarges its geographic area of operation.



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