Grace College is the faith based college under Kanisa la Neema Tanzania established in 2001. The college is registered under the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA). The college located at forest Maghorofani area near Mzumbe University Mbeya campus with.
As college offers certificate courses Certificate in Hotel Management, Full Secretarial, Business Operation Assistant, Information and Communication Technology and Auto Electrical (Umeme wa magari)
Driving teachers have the central role of making the training relevant. Vocational teachers are the first line practitioners of vocational training and contribute to the socio economic development
A befitting vocational teacher to carryout vocational training within the GRACE COLLEGE system will have the following attributes:
i. Critically alert
ii. Imaginative, innovative, proactive, creative ,
iii. A cultivated person with the courage and ability to face and solve problems
iv. Active in the pursuit to truth and goodness within the overall accepted aspirations of a nation at large ;and
v. Willingness to learn
vi. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in training delivery, the maximum vocational teacher
Competences of a vocational teacher
A vocational Teacher must possess the following competences:
i. Able to interpret occupational training standards into learning process
ii. Evaluate training process and outcomes
iii. Compare training offers and the demand from the labour market
iv. Prepare report on training implementation in his/ her own workshop and Class
v. Prepare maintenance schedule for training tools and equipment
vi. Counsel and guide trainees in the workshop and Class
vii. Ability to maintain a conducive environment for leaning.
Minimum Qualification of a Vocational Teacher
Vocational teacher shall be licensed and categorized according to their qualifications and the level (s) in which they are allowed to teach. The required qualifications for vocational teachers are as described hereunder
Vocational teacher shall have the following qualifications
i. Holders of Full Trade Certificate from NIT or other equivalent qualification in the relevant college
ii. Have passion and basic teaching knowledge
iii. Have relevant practical experience in field of specialization
iv. Fluent in English and Swahili language
v. Commanded to Computer skills
vi. Have ability in driving rules and regulations
All application should be send via email: gracecollege2001@gmail.com
Write in subject which vacancy you applying
Or in physical address send to hand to

P.O.BOX 1745
DEADLINE: 7th JUNE 2019 16:00pm

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