NAFASI YA KAZI Vodacom Tanzania, Manager:VAS

Job Title: Manager:VAS – VDITB38

Key accountabilities
DVAS – Planning and Organization:
PO1: Contribute to the Data Service and Value added service system Strategy and Roadmap
PO2: Contribute to the Data Service and Value added service system Technical Architecture
PO3: Determine the Technological Direction by performing technology scans on new systems and tools.
PO4: Develop and Maintain Project Policies and Procedures
DVAS – Financial Administration:
PO5: Manage Data Service and Value added service system investment with budgets, financial plans and expenditure motivations aligned to the business plans

DVAS-Acquisition and Implementation:
AI1: Identify Automated Solutions to satisfy user requirement. Ensure quality technical designs for Data Service and Value added service system, providing performance, flexibility and scalability.
AI2: Acquire and Maintain Application Software to effectively support the business processes
AI5: Accredit Systems/Applications for various projects

DVAS – Systems Operations and Maintenance:
DS3: Manage Performance and Capacity of the VAS systems and Call Center application.
DS4: Ensure Continuous Service with high availability and minimum disruption.
DS5: Ensure Systems Security by safe guarding against unauthorized access.
DS9: Manage Systems Configuration by accounting for all system components.
DS10: Manage systems problems and incidents.
DS11: Manage data to ensure adequate storage during uptake processes.
DS13: Manage operations: Change control, escalation, basic work instructions.

DVAS – Systems Monitoring:
M1: Monitoring systems processes such as databases and operating systems, for all VAS and GSN elements.
M4: Provide for independent audit

Project management: 
1. PO10: Manage projects as per VTL project management methodology :-
On time and within budget and priorities
Program management of the development oriented projects.
Manage/Implement the commercial agreements with suppliers and contractors.
Managing multi-disciplinary teams including external suppliers
Developing project programs & budget plans

2. PO11: Manage Quality to meet customer requirements
Ensure functionality meets requirements
Ensure solution is operationally sound.

Staff Management: 
1. PO7: Manage Human Resources to maximize personal contributions :-
Maintain a stable, highly skilled staff complement. Ensuring availability of core competence.
Ensure a comprehensive staff development plan covering career advancement, cross-training, succession planning, and skill development is in place

Supplier & Contractor Management: 
DS1: Define service levels for specific contracts. Contracts must be in place.
DS2: Manage third-party services obtained from vendors.

Qualifications, Core competencies, knowledge and experience 
Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Equivalent.
1 – 3 years working with IT systems (Oracle, RDBMS,PHP, PERL, C & MySQL)
Minimum of 2yrs Leadership/Management/Supervisory experience
Programming Languages
Project Management Tools
Operating Systems (Windows and Linux)
The role requires in-depth knowledge of Software and Databases
Operational IT experience
GSM network experience.
X-Pert, MS Project
Unix, NT, VMS
Budgeting and project financial administration
Problem solving, leadership, Team player and Good analytical thinking

Job Type : Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date : 27-Jun-19, 11:59:00 PM


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