NAFASI ZA KAZI- MCC Limited, ICT/CCTV consultant

ICT/CCTV consultant 
MCC Limited is a company specifically formed by the Malawi Government to manage, promote and market the Dar es salaam Corridor route through facilities, otherwise known as Malawi Cargo Centers   (Dar es Salaam /Kurasini Dry Port and Mbeya Dry Port in Dar es Salaam and Mbeya, The company has its registered office in Lilongwe, Malawi. A vacancy now exists in the company, at its Dar es Salaam office for an ICT/CCTV consultant on part time basis.


  • Advise the company on all issues of KIT and CCTV and Implement Improvements with any other modern technology available on the market
  • Provide support to accounting package, preferably SAGE Line 50, and be able to design and Integrate other company function to the system for automatic capturing/recording and reporting of company’s Operational and financial transactions.
  • Check and arrange any repairs to internet connectivity both WAN and LAN systems
  • Check and make arrangements to repair office computers, printers and Installed software systems, suggesting any improvement! m tandem with, technology advancements.
  • Check functionality of CCTV cameras and IP cameras connectivity from remote to DVR in the control room. Ensure clarity on screens and ability to remote recording as desired by the Security Department and other users.
  • Make sure DVR retarding and playback systems are functioning properly and security records are kept confidentially
  • Replace hard disk once full
  • Suggest any Improvements to CCTV camera.
  • Be ready to be “on call’! that is, can be summoned at any reasonable time should there be urgent and emergent issues to be attended to.
  • Provide support to Clearing and Forwarding Dry Port System of Operations preferably TANCIS and be able to design and integrate other company functions to the system for automatic capturing/recording and reporting of company’s operational activities.


The job require hands on technician up to graduate level with a proven track record in ICT and CCTV installations and maintenance.


Attractive package will be offered to the right candidate. If Interested please send your application before 31st July. 2019 with detailed CV and three referees to:

The Managing Director
P.O BOX 21157
Kurasini Mandela HighWay
Dar es Salaam


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