NAFASI ZA KAZI-MyAgro Farms Limited, Agriculture Supervisor


myAgro Farm limited is a social enterprise operating in agriculture sector and part of group operating in Tanzania, Mali and Senegal. The headquarter in Tanzania is based in Masasi Mtwara. In Tanzania we provide agriculture training and quality inputs to the people of Masasi district. MyAGRO provides its product and service through a staggered payment system.

MyAGRO seek to offer the inputs training and follow up best suited to the situation of its customer. To do this myAgro seeks through its trial to improve its commercial offer by testing new techniques or new inputs easily usable by producer. MyAGRO also ensure through quality process throughout purchasing process, to provide best quality t the customers.


In order to achieve the above objectives, myAGRO is looking for a full-time , dynamic, rustic and rigorous agricultural supervisor to be based in Masasi with the possibility of regular travel and reassignment to Tanzania as needed.




The testing supervisor will ensure, under the supervision of the program manager, the development of experiment of experimental protocols and procedures:

  • He/she identifies and synthesizes the needs and problems of farmers in order to translates them into problems and working hypotheses
  • He/she sets up under the supervision of the agricultural, programme manager an experimental programme that can be carried out in the field.
  • He/she provides for the equipment and a method used for the activities of the agricultural team sets the general condition for implementation and determines the monitoring methods eg time table and types of measures.
  • He/she participates in validation of protocols on budgetary and technical level with agricultural Programme manager.

The agricultural supervisor ensures the effectives implementation of agricultural teams programs

  • He/she ensures that technicians and other satellite personnel have good understanding of the activities and objectives
  • He/she is responsible for proper conduct of field operations, compliance with protocol and procedure and data transmission.
  • He/she is the interface between the field and office he/she monitors and makes reliable all the information coming from the field.
  • Makes reliable all information coming from field
  • He/she creates tools to monitor the evolution of activities and maintains activities tracking documents
  • He/she is interface between the intervention areas and the headquarters. He carries out regular reporting with agricultural program manager in order to report on progress of projects he is monitoring and on any problems that may impact the results of the agricultural department
  • He/she centralize, encodes and transmits the results obtained in the field
  • He/she participate in the documentary monitoring on all cultures and issues related to cultures proposed by myAGRO.
  • He/she performs the statistical analyses requested of him/her.
  • He/she carries out the quality tests required of him /her

As a member of the agricultural team he/she makes himself/herself available to the team if necessary for task not listed above. He facilitates the other member of the team in their action in the field.


  • Graduate diploma in agronomy Bac+5
  • Experience in agricultural production
  • Experience in conducting and monitoring field trials
  • Experience in management
  • Mastery of computer tools (excel)
  • Mastery of new communication tools eg Emails
  • Experience in commercial company is an asset
  • Knowledge of soil science ( soil analysis, interpretation, of results ) is an asset
  • Excellent expression in English written and oral and at least one other national language

To how to be  

  • Adapt to various situation and adjust your behavior according to the characteristics of the environment , the stakes of the situation and the types of interlocutor
  • Be attentive to other and receptive to the information provided by the environment
  • Be efficient in the organization of its own activity and optimize the use of resources in the contexts of collectives achievement
  • Achieve objectives by facing difficulties and obstacles of all kinds.
  • Select and globalize in relevant way  the available information to reach reliable diagnosis  of the situation and propose an adaptive solution
  • Receive positive feedback in order to improve the efficiency of their tasks
  • Show empathy especially during times of stress and pressure
  • To be able to drive a motor cycle
  • Respectful of diversity, willing to work in multicultural environment

Location: Masasi Mtwara.

Availability: ready to start at the end of 1st September, 2019


To apply:

If you think you are the person we are looking for, please send your CV+Letter of motivation to following address; Programme Manager, myAgro Farms Ltd, P.O.BOX 14, Masasi.     by 25th July,2019.

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